Alone in the City – Frankfurt

Where it goes? Where did it go? Are they memories or illusions?
Is it presence or is it reflex? His luggage is by his side, will he carry it?
Crossing lines, contrasts, reflexes, presence and absences.
How many emotions does this photo awaken me …
How many questions are engraved inside me.
Will they be the same that every person goes through at some point in their existence?
I think so, so this image has a character that transcends the border of time.

Laura Martín
Argentine Photographer
President of Photo Club Quilmes (2015-2019)
Jury of the Argentine Federation of Photography

Abstract #2 (Pattern)

Here’s a beautiful abstract image, courtesy of Argentinian photographer Carlos Caruso: intricate, textured, and with an interesting, deliberately restricted tonal range. This was among the winners of the Pattern/Texture/Abstract category of our 2018 Single Image Contest.

Black & White Magazine

Origin of LifeExhibited in “Water for Life”, Niagara Falls Museum, Canada, 2018

Carlos Caruso’s contribution to the 2018 Water for Life exhibition in Niagara Falls Ontario captures the power and the beauty of water. The imagery found in his piece entitled The Origin of Life connects the inspiration found in nature to the viewer’s imagination and offers a new perspective on traditional landscape photography.

Suzanne Moase
CuratorNiagara Falls Museums,City of Niagara Falls, Canada.

Leaves, NYC, USA – 2014
First Price (Condor FAF), Monochrome, Annual Salon 2015,
Argentine Federation of Photography

Carlos Caruso, has the characteristic of achieving a perfect composition and aesthetic balance.

Leaves has two great virtues; It is an abstract photographic expression and was captured directly from nature, from reality, hence the beauty that emanates.

Abraham Wolk
Argentine photographer and jury of the Argentine Federation of Photography.

Reflexes.Exhibited in “Water for Life”, Niagara Falls Museum, Canada, 2018.

Carlos Caruso is reflected in his work, intense and precise.

Carlos begins his artistic quest in a home laboratory at a time when nothing was easy, especially photography.However, thanks to his great effort and dedication he manages to project
the desired, firm and well-founded objectives due to his great talent and sensitivity.

Then, the exhibitions began: publications in newspapers and prizes gratified him, stimulated him and confirmed the mastery of his own language, enriching at the same time his spirit of knowledge and communication.

His works are full of memories. Carlos allows himself to relive moments of the historical past freely, playing with the lights and shadows in his images captures and tells the forgotten secrets of people who once toured those scenarios of life. With great skill he adds details that helps to deepen the dialogue between him and his audience, typical details, unique in each space he handles. In his abstract works in color, the Latin vibration of his blood is felt in the choice of the details, rich in intense colors that contrast each other. In the work “Abstract reflections in the water” these reflections emanate an energy that is transformed into pure emotion, thanks to its subtle movements.

I believe that Carlos Caruso handles the language of his work with great responsibility, since it allows an intimate and profound reflection on the person who admires it. His work is made to last in memory.

Angelina Herrera
International Cultural Promoter / Events Coordinator.

“Harvesting”, 1er Prize, Photo Club Buenos Aires’s International Contest, Buenos Aires, 1998.
Exhibition: The Landscape in Bahía Blanca, Argentine Association of Art Critics.
Bernardino Rivadavia Librery, Bahía Blanca, 1998.

Carlos Caruso shows in his photos an exquisite sensitivity. In its landscapes, reveals the use of all the elements that nature gives him to realize a work of art, which is what a good photography has become.

The use of light, the way to compose, harmonize the contrasts of volumes and colors, combine lines and colors, capture some detail to attract the eye of the viewer where it interests you. In short, to look for all the balances, turn each of their images into suggestive forms that, starting from an apparent simplicity, reveal their fine sensitivity and through aesthetic values lead us to a more profound and reflective sight.

Emilse Mandolesi de Bara
Former University Teacher of Art History and Curator.

Abstract I

Abstract II

Our noteworthy Curatorial Review Committee was most impressed by your superb oeuvre such as “ABSTRACT I” which resonates with a profound visual narrative as you reveal the invisible within the visible. The spiritual artistic journey that you portray in your stellar oeuvre was quite impressive and was a triumph of personal

“ABSTRACT 2” generated a profound sense of symbolism while reflecting a universal message. We salute you on your aesthetically absorbing oeuvre which reverberates with a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes.

Our Committee salutes you on your oeuvre with its important visual narrative and its emotional link to the human and artistic experience. We are so pleased with your marvelous art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s Curatorial Review Committee,

Chelsea, NYC. USA.

“Testimonies”, Exhibition: Six Photographer
Bahía Blanca Contemporary Art Museum, 2003

Caruso observes nature (what is that?) And culture (what is that?) As two instances and sets the scene as a rematch, although a lot of pipes in this country know well how to become landscape.

Sergio Raimondi
Poet and Writer